About bB closure-less cloth diapers

The bB closure-less diaper has been in the works since 2001 and is the true starting point for el bee baby. The very first cloth diapers that I tried with my son were well loved hand-me-downs from our midwife.  Shaped like capital T’s and made out of loopy terry with a jersey binding, they were ratty, grey with age, devoid of absorbency and had gaping, elastic free legs.  Despite these challenges, I loved the customization that the fold down front and wrap over wings offered.

As my primary diaper model was growing more mobile, my pattern drafting energies were directed into the fitted diaper that has been our best seller since day one.  I didn’t forget about that first diaper experience though and while waiting for our second child to arrive, I worked out a few prototypes.  These quickly became the diapers that we reached for first, especially when our daughter was tiny. The adjust-ability of the waist and the rise were such an advantage and made it easy to get a good fit on her.   

Since then they've been test run by many babies, not the least important of whom is my niece Olivia who really put them though their paces with her biiiiiiiiig newborn belly and tiny legs.  (please note that this is not Olivia.  It's the ever obliging Oly who is somewhat easier to photograph.  Oly is about the size of a bigger newborn (in the 8-9lb range) though his belly is rather larger than most!)


The main objective of our littlebBIGB (bB for short?) was to create a diaper that would transition over a longer period of a baby's diapered 'career' and in so doing, would offer a more affordable and versatile option. The extended front panel can be folded down, allowing for a much broader range of fit than our 'regular' diapers. 

Here's how the fit compares:

The 'back end' of the diaper is comparable in size to the corresponding sized 'regular' diaper.  The wings are a little wider and the front is considerably longer and shaped a little differently to allow it to be easily folded down to fit smaller babies.  This effectively creates a diaper that covers almost 3 of our 'regular' sizes. 


The bB comes in 4 different sizes:  XS, SM, MD and LG.   

Will your baby need 4 different sizes in their diapered 'career'?  Probably not.  Because there is overlap in fit between each of the sizes, your baby could start with XS and move directly into the MD and never need the LG.  Or if you tend to have bigger babies, they could move into the SM almost immediately and then on to either the medium or the large. 

You can choose either to use a pin-less fastener or traditional pins to keep the diaper closed.  When the front panel is fully extended, you can choose to pin it as a side-closure diaper.  This works particularly well with more active, older babies. Or choose to go pin-less and simply use a cover that fits snugly. 

Sizing specifics:  


diaper size

approximate weight


extra small

6-16 lb

14.5 in, (comparable to Sm/Md rise


10-20 lb

16 in (comparable to Md long rise)


15-25 lb

17 in (comparable to LG rise)


27-35 lb

20 in (comparable to XL rise)


The bB comes with either an organic cotton loopy terry outer for ease of use with snappis or with our organic cotton velour for those who prefer to use pins.

The inner layer is our luxurious, custom milled organic cotton velour.  As with our 'regular' diapers, the bB has a 3 layer hidden inner soaker.  Each bB comes with a 3 layer doubler for additional absorbency.  You can add more absorbency, by ordering an additional doubler.