About el bee baby fitted cloth diapers

Unfamiliar with el bee baby diapers?
Here's what makes our cloth diapers stand out in a crowd:


  • They are very trim:  We've pared away the traditional diaper shape to make a diaper that fits more closely.  It's narrower through the stride for a more comfortable, less bulky fit.  It dips lower in the front and is a little higher cut on the legs.
  • They have just the right absorbency:  Each diaper has a three-layer internal 'soaker' which makes it absorbent enough to be functional but not so absorbent that the diaper would take forever and a day to dry.
  • They have a tidy bound edge:  This makes our diaper fit comfortably and retain its original shape better.
  • They have snap closures:  Snaps are hard for curious toddlers to undo.  They also don't collect lint or get all tangled up in the wash like hook and loop diapers do.
  • The waist is very adjustable:  The snaps are set quite close together to allow for a good fit on any size of baby.
  • They are customize-able:  We offer a variety of beautiful, hand-dyed organic fabrics, decorative stitching and snap colours to choose from.


el bee baby diapers come in two styles:

  1. Front snapping
  • wings snap around to the front
  • our original and best selling style
  • fits infants through toddlers equally well


  1. Side snapping:
  • wings snap around towards the back
  • rise of the front panel is slightly longer and ends a little closer to the belly button than the front snapping style
  • works best in size medium and above
  • designed to foil my own toddler's attempts to remove his diaper



We also offer the option to have diapers constructed as 'speed dry' fitteds.

These have no inner absorbent layers sewn between the 2 body layers  and instead come with an external, lay-in  'super-doubler'    The super-doubler is made up of two 3 layer serged doublers sewn together on one end.  We like this model because they wash up easily and dry more quickly. 

Additional absorbency: 

All diapers come with a serged, 3 layer lay-in doubler. Added to the 2 diaper body layers and 3 layer internal soaker this makes 8 layers of absorbency.   For increased absorbency, additional doublers may be purchased separately.