If there’s a problem with your order:

Got the wrong size?
Feel free to return any items to us in unused, unwashed condition within 3 weeks of the mailing date. We will be happy to exchange the item for you. Please note that in this case, we do not cover shipping either to us or back to you. Choosing the proper size is the customer’s responsibility.

Quality control asleep at the wheel?
We fully warrantee every aspect of the construction of our items within the first 60 days after the shipping date. This is provided that our care instructions have been followed. We will either repair or replace the item at our discretion. Shipping will be covered by el bee baby.

Snap problems?
In most cases you can expect your snaps to last throughout the life of your diaper. If a snap pops off or breaks, we will be more than happy to replace it. We will cover shipping if the item is returned within the 60 days following the shipping date. If it is beyond this time period, the shipping is the customer’s responsibility though we are happy to replace the snap at no cost.