Made to Order ~Undyed closureless bB Cloth Diaper

Made to Order ~Undyed closureless bB Cloth Diaper

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el bee baby closureless bB cloth diapers, made to suit your fancy.

 You get to choose the following:

 Once you purchase a 'made to order' closureless bB diaper, we'll contact you by email with a few additional questions about colours of decorative stitching, snaps and binding!  

The  littlebBIGB (bB for short?) closureless is a diaper that transitions over a longer period of a baby's diapered 'career' and offers a more affordable and versatile option. The extended front panel can be folded down, allowing for a much broader range of fit than our 'regular' diapers. The 'back end' of the diaper is comparable in size to the corresponding sized 'regular' diaper.  The wings are a little wider and the front is considerably longer and shaped a little differently to allow it to be easily folded down to fit smaller babies.  This effectively creates a diaper that covers almost 3 of our 'regular' sizes. 

el bee baby cloth diapers are designed to fit trimly.  Though they are trim they have a total of 5 layers of absorbency in each diaper (2 body layers, 3 layer internal soaker).  In addition, each diaper comes with a lay-in 'doubler' that adds 3 more layers for a total of 8 layers of absorbency through the wet zone.  

 Please note that these are 100% organic cotton diapers that require a diaper cover. 

Hand dyed Made to Order cloth diapers take between 2-4 weeks to complete depending upon the size of your order. 

If you'd like to purchase additional 'doublers' to boost absorbency they can be found here!