Made to Order ~undyed Fitted Cloth Diaper

Made to Order ~undyed Fitted Cloth Diaper

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el bee baby cloth diapers, made to suit your fancy.

 You get to choose the following:

 Once you purchase a custom made to order diaper, we'll contact you with a few additional questions about  what colour(s) of decorative stitching and snaps you'd like and diaper construction (regular or speed dry)!  

el bee baby cloth diapers are designed to fit trimly.  Though they are trim they have a total of 5 layers of absorbency in each diaper.  In addition, each diaper comes with a lay-in 'doubler' that adds 3 more layers for a total of 8 layers of absorbency through the wet zone.  

 Please note that these are 100% organic cotton diapers that require a diaper cover. 

Made to Order cloth diapers take between 2-4 weeks to complete depending upon the size of your order. 

If you'd like to purchase additional 'doublers' to boost absorbency they can be found here!